Shebenence: A Deaf boy with an indestructible dream

“Every Child has a dream, to pursue the dream is in every child’s hand to make it a reality.”

These are the famous words of Samuel Morse. Let us take this statement closer to home, so as to experience the need to ignite the dream chaser inside all of us. Let us tell you the story of Shebenence Mawerewere, a deaf boy who has an indestructible dream.

King George VI Centre yearns to provide the best independent living skills for its students, to prepare them for survival in the outside world. To do this, we recognize the need to train our students to heights beyond academic success. We make them realise their aspirations, and strive to make those a reality.

Shebenence is a form four student at KGVI and he is deaf. Originally, he comes from Kwekwe, Mbizo area. In a family of eight children, he is the second from last, and the only deaf child in such a big family.

“My family is so big, and growing up, none of my siblings made an effort to learn sign language so I had a lonely childhood. However, it was at this moment that I realised my dream, and it still is the same dream,” says Shebenence.

After finishing his O’level this year, Shebenence would like to pursue a profession in building. He says this has been his dream profession since childhood.

“So, because I had a lonely upbringing when I was at home, I would go around, looking at builders. I got so much interest in them that I vowed to myself that one day I would be able to do what they were doing,” said Shebenence proudly.

He attended his primary school at Jairos Jiri Naran Centre in Gweru. Paying school fees was a hassle for his family because his father has two wives and does not have an income. However, his elder brother used to help him as well.

When he came to King George, his brother got married, so he had more responsibilities and it became difficult for him to pay Shebenence’s fees. He stopped.

But, as correctly put by Morse, “… pursue is in every child’s hand to make it a reality.”

Shebenence is a hardworking student, both academically and practically. Every term he would get good recommendations from his teachers. He became a symbol, a representative of what we strive to make for our students. However, here was a promising potential, about to be wasted all because of fees.

“We discussed as a bursary committee that we want him to excel, and provide a better life for his family. He has potential to go far in life, but all he needs is to finish his school, then get help to finance his training. So, we awarded him with a bursary to finance his school and boarding fees. This money comes from different generous donors who wish to help kids such as shebenence to achieve their goals,” says Samantha Nyereyemhuka who is part of the committee.

We have students that are in similar situations like Shebenence. We wish to help more children like him have a chance to experience their dreams and free them from the poverty loop emanating from their different backgrounds.