Proud Moment – Sakhile Ndlovu

It is not a rare thing for people to take pride in others who would have moved on, or left. After all, it is only natural that we tend to feel their absence, especially if they held a special position. Arthur Schopenhauer once wrote that the only feeling that one can take from this life to their grave, one which is not finite, is the feeling of loneliness. This explains then why it is easy to feel the absence of someone.

King George VI Centre and School have produced a number of exceptional students in the past. All have played their parts in the development of extracurricular. There is one, who was an all rounder and reflecting on it now, KGVI took pride in her.

Sakhile Ndlovu, a former student is one of those exceptional people that the institution has come across. She has a unique story to tell since her time at the school.

Sakhile enrolled at KGVI in 2013 doing her grade 7. Due to her good behavior and showing interest in leadership, she became a prefect in form 2. This is something that was done so as to groom her interests in leadership as well as to give her confidence.

During the same time, she joined Interact Club, which was a club aimed at empowering fellow students at KGVI and others from outside the institution. She became the club’s President when she was in form 4. This club gave the learners a sense of purpose because they were now at a position where they were giving out to others, instead of being at the receiving end all the time.

“During my time in both secondary and high school I used to very much involved in extracurricular activities including public speaking, debate, marimba, quiz, acting, wheelchair tennis and interact club. I participated in various competitions representing KGVI,” said Sakhile.

When she was in form three, she was involved in public speaking and represented KGVI in various public speaking competitions. She won some and lost some, but she popularized the brand of KGVI, and breaking so many barriers for it.

She was also involved in wheelchair tennis. This is a sport that you normally find being popular to boys, but she was so involved and represented KGVI as well in competitions. She joined Marimba and quickly she was in the senior band.

It is a great pride for any school, centre, organisation and institution to be able to produce such a talented young person with a disability. For her leadership qualities, she became the deputy head girl for the school, the same time she was the President of the Interact club.

She finished her form 4 in 2017. For her keen show of interest, excellent leadership qualities, a good behavior and excellent academic performance, KGVI offered Sakhile an opportunity to study at Girls’ College. She did a diploma in Business Administration and finished in 2019.

Asked about what other career options she had chosen from, she said she has understood and learnt about the dynamics between education and career choice.

“When I was in school, I thought I was going to do law but I have realized and learnt that education is dynamic therefore don’t set rules and regulations about it. I can encourage the young learners to take time to explore courses and vocational training. Education is systematic,” she said.

Sakhile Ndlovu
Sakhile Ndlovu

After school, she secured a job as a receptionist at Davis Granite and she said she feels like the job is exactly what she wanted. She also added on that she enjoys the work and it brings out the confident nature in her.

“I like that I have a huge impact as an employee. I am at the front, more like the face of the company so it enables me to be confident because I get to assist both the clients and co-workers,”

Sakhile says life after school is quite interesting for her as she is at a stage where she has to make life changing decisions for herself. As confusing as it is, she is enjoying the process.

” Life after school is a time to find your place in the society. It’s uncomfortable and confusing. Should I start a business? Should I look for a job? Should I go back to school? Questions without answers. And sometimes you are forced to take a decision due to current circumstances at that time. But what I have learnt is that this is a period of my life where it will determine my future as an adult,” said Sakhile.

As an institution. We take pride in the kind of students which we produce each year. We have worked towards and will always promote the production of youths with disabilities who understand life and are independent, progressive and productive members of the society.