Our Children

Our children are our inspiration and our motivation!  In a society where the economy is in tatters, unemployment is over 95%, AIDS has made orphans of many and almost every family has lost a loved one, the chance for a child with a disability to have a happy childhood is almost nil.  In Zimbabwe children with disabilities are often severely disadvantaged, at best they lead a life with no stimulation or opportunities; at worst they are abused and neglected.  In this society what chance for an orphan in a wheelchair.  Who will bother to send this child to school when there are able bodied children to be educated.

At KGVI our children find acceptance and companionship.  For a deaf child it might be the first place where someone actually communicates with them.  For a disabled child it might be the first time they move outside and are given stimulation.   It is a place where children can be children again, and can learn to play and to have fun; a place where they are valued and accepted, where they find others like themselves.

Our mission is to find the strengths of each child and to help them build on this strength.  Our motto is “Never Give Up” and by following this we have seen many SUCCESS STORIES:

  • Independent and confident young people
  • University graduates
  • A number of students attended USA colleges through the USAP programme
  • Through our affirmative action programme KGVI has employed about 30% past students with disabilities who hold key positions
  • Disability Awareness in Zimbabwe
  • Internationally acclaimed band Liyana
  • Award winning films made about Liyana and KGVI – Music by Prudence and iThemba
  • Media department producing songs, films and radio features
  • Leading organization in development of Zimbabwe Signa Language dictionary
  • Disability awareness through songs, drams, art, dance and general publicity
  • Networking on issues such as HIV/AIDS, SRHR, Disability awareness, UNICEF back to school campaign, Clean up Bulawayo campaign and other social issues
  • Provision of Therapy and Psycho social support to children with disabilities in Bulawayo urban and Matopo district


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